Name of Group Game: Cake Walk

Small Group (10 people maximum)

Age: Elementary – Middle School

Time15 – 20 minutes


Summary: Famous game to play at festivals and carnivals, especially for kids. Easy to learn!

Goal: To be the lucky person who will win a cake!

– 10 – 15 decorated cakes to be given away as prizes. You can also use decorated cupcakes for more variety and easier preparation instead
– Laminated pieces of 8×11′ paper marked with numbers from 1-10 (you can download and print the numbers on the left). The pieces of paper must be arranged .from 1 to 10 in a large circle on the floor.
– Stereo system or boombox with music/radio/CD/mp3
– Small pieces of paper marked from 1-10, to be mixed in a hat or bag

How to Play the Cake Walk Game:
1. Have all the participants stand on a number. Explain the game to the participants: When the music begins, each person must walk on the numbers in a circle. When the music stops, each person will be on a number. You will draw a number from the hat or bag. Whoever is standing on that number will receive a cake/cupcake.

2. Start the music. Wait for 25-45 seconds. Stop the music, and draw a number from the hat or bag.

3. The person standing on the number that was drawn is the winner and gets a cake.

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