Name of Group Game: What Can You Buy
Indoor and

Other (Travel-Related)
Medium Group (10 – 19 people) to
Large Group (20 + people)

Age: High School – Adult

Time45 minutes

Summary: Buy the best items you can get within a budget of only $5!

Goal: Buy the best items you can find within a budget of $5.

– Ask everyone in advance to bring a dollar
– Plastic bag for each team
– Watch to keep time
– Designated judge
– Best to play with a mall or grocery store nearby

How to Play the What Can You Buy Game:
1. Split everyone into groups of five (make sure each group has access to a driver and car).

2. Explain the rules: All teams must go out and buy the best items they can find within the overall budget of $5. Once they find an item, they must place the item in the bag and keep the receipt. Each team must come back within 45 minutes. Hand each team a plastic bag.

3. When the teams return, review the items and receipts in each teams’ bags together. The judge will choose the winning team with the best items.

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