Name of Group Game: Team Spoons


Small Group (4 – 10 people)

Age: High School – Adults

Time10 – 15 minutes

Summary: Work with your partner to call out “spoons”- or catch your opponents’ signals!

Goal: To get four of a kind, and have your partner say “spoons”. If you see someone hinting to their partner to say “spoons”, catch them by saying “bust”.

– A deck of cards
– Flat surface to play cards on

How to Play Team Spoons:
1. Split everyone into pairs. Each pair needs go off and decide what their secret signal will be. Once all the pairs have decided, everyone comes back together.

2. Everyone will need to sit in a circle, sitting directly across from their partners. Deal out four cards to all of the players and put the remaining cards in a pile next to you. Have everyone look at their cards.

3. Ground Rules: Everyone’s goal is to get four of a kind (e.g. four Kings, four 5’s, four Aces). If a person gets four of a kind, that person needs to signal to his/her partner that he/she has four of a kind. Once receiving the signal, the partner will say “Spoons”. The first pair to say “Spoons” receives one point for the round. If someone catches a pair trying to relay the signal, the catcher says “Bust”, the round ends, and the caught pair loses a point. If someone mistakenly says “Bust” and the pair do not have four of a kind, the round ends and the catcher’s team loses a point. The game is played clockwise. Each player can only have four cards in hand at all times.

4. You start the game by picking up one card from the pile next to you. Take a glance at it. You have the option of keeping the card or passing it to the person to the left of you. If you decide to keep the card, you have to exchange it with a card that is already in your hand and pass your discarded card to the next person.

5. The person to your left picks up your discarded card, takes a glance at it, and decides whether to keep the card or to pass it on. Once the person discards their card, the third person does the same thing as the previous players. This happens throughout the circle until someone says “Spoons” or “Bust”. The first team to reach 10 points wins the game.

– To play with a twist- An added rule is that if both partners have four of a kind and say “Spoons” , the pair will receive 3 points instead of 1.

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