Name of Group Game: Sticks and Spoons


Small Group (5 – 10 people)

Age: High School – Adults

Time10 – 15 minutes

Summary: Using only sticks and spoons, try putting as many marbles in your cup as quickly as possible.

Goal: Put as many marbles in your cup as possible

– 4 foot sticks with spoons taped to the one end (scoop facing outwards). Each person will need a stick/spoon
– Bag of marbles (50 or more marbles)
– Styrofoam cups (one cup per person)
– Chairs (a chair for each person)

How to Play Sticks and Spoons:
1. Arrange all the chairs in a circle facing inwards. Each person needs to get a stick/spoon and Styrofoam cup. Ask everyone to sit in a chair.

2. Open the bag of marbles and scatter them in the middle of the circle. The object of the game is to scoop as many marbles in your cup as possible, using only their sticks/spoon. The cup needs to be on the floor at all times, can only be moved using the stick/spoon.

3. Start the game. After about 5 minutes, stop the game. The person with the most marbles in their cups wins the game.

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