Name of Group Game: Sticker Collection

Large Group (20 + people)

Age: Elementary School age

Time: Throughout the evening

Download the FREE Passport Sample:

Summary: Children love to search and collect items. Try the Sticker Collection as a side game for elementary school or Halloween carnivals!

Goal: Collect the signatures of all the people wearing stickers in the room.

-Name tags and markers for the volunteers
-9 Stickers- Place a sticker on nine of the name tags
-“Passport” printouts of the instructions and stickers (See left attachment as a sample/example). Print out as many as needed.
-Table area with sign that says “Sticker Collection” near entrance/exit area.
-Special prizes (small ball, large candy bars, dollar store items, set of stickers or bumper stickers)- Buy around 4 prizes per 10 children expected to attend.
Optional: Rubber stamps for the 9 volunteers

Give all the volunteers a name tag. Ask 9 to be volunteers for the “Sticker Collection” game (ask volunteers who can be interrupted throughout the day).
Ask a couple of volunteers to head up the “Special Prize” table.

How to Play the Sticker Collection Game:
1. At the entrance of the children’s carnival, give each child a passport. Explain that there are nine people in the room with stickers on their name tags. The child needs to collect the signatures/rubber stamps of all nine people to redeem a special prize on their way out at the “Special Prize” table.

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