Name of Group Game: Speed Scrabble
*Special thanks to Chris Chu for providing the group game idea



Small Group (3 – 6 people)

Age: High School – Adult

Time10 – 15 minutes

Example of Tiles:

Summary: Use Scrabble tiles to create a crossword as quickly as possible! Fun, fast word game for a small group of people.

Goal: Be the first one to finish and get rid of all your letter tiles!

– A full set of Scrabble tiles, with letters facing downwards on the table

How to Play Speed Scrabble:
1. Each player grabs 7 letter tiles. When you say “go”, everyone flips over their tiles and make individual crossword puzzles. Each letter must be connected with the other letters to form a word (using Scrabble rules).

2. Once a person completes a personal crossword puzzle using all their letters, the person says “go”. Everyone else grabs an extra letter and keeps going. They cannot exchange any letters.

3. This process continues until there are no more tiles. The first person to finish completing their crossword puzzle, having no tiles left to pick up, wins the game.

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