Name of Group Game: Secret Santa
Indoor and



Small Group (3 – 9 people) to

Large Group (20 + people)

Age: Middle School – Adult

TimeSeveral Days

Summary: Secretly leave gifts for someone- and guess who your Secret Santa is! Great for large groups of friends or classes.

Goal: Correctly guess who your Secret Santa is.

– Pen and paper

How to Play Secret Santa:
1. Arrange a time and day when all the participants can meet up together.

2. Have each participant write their name on a slip of paper, along with a short wish list of items that they would enjoy. Fold the slips of paper and have everyone draw each other’s names from a hat at random.

3. The name that is drawn out of the hat is the recipient of the drawer’s gifts. The drawer (the Secret Santa) will be giving small gifts anonymously to the person throughout the week. Gifts usually include cards, snacks, crafts, and a listed item. You can specify the cost limit for the gifts (usually around $15 – $20).

4. On the last day of the activity, everyone comes together to guess and reveal who their Secret Santa is.

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