Name of Group Game: Review Questions Relay Race


Small Group (3 – 9 people) to

Medium Group (10 – 19 people)

Age: Elementary School

Time15 – 20 minutes

Summary: Grab the object and answer the question correctly!

Goal: Remember the lesson and grab the object first.

– Prepare a list of 10 or more questions pertaining to the Bible lesson
– Object to grab (stuffed animal, water bottle, etc.)

How to Play the Review Questions Relay Race Game:
1. After explaining the Bible lesson, split everyone into two equally numbered teams.

2. Place the object on one side of the room and have the two teams line up at the other side of the room. Explain the rules. You will ask a question to the first person in each line. If a person knows the answer, they must run and grab the object. Whoever grabs the object first and answers the question correctly wins a point. The team that reaches five points wins the game.

– For different rounds, you can have the kids do a variety of actions to go and grab the object (crab walk, hop on one foot, walk backwards, jump backwards, skip, etc.)

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