Name of Group Game: Review Questions Musical Chairs


Small Group (3 – 9 people) to

Medium Group (10 – 19 people)

Age: Elementary School

Time10 – 15 minutes

Summary: Chairs required for this fast-paced review game.

Goal: Be the remaining person in the game.

– Music- Boombox, Ipod and Speakers, or your awesome singing voice
– Chairs
– Prepare a list of 10 or more questions pertaining to the Bible lesson

How to Play the Review Questions Musical Chairs Game:
1. After explaining the Bible lesson, have the kids create a circle with their chairs, with the seats pointing outwards.

2. Take one seat out. Explain the rules: When the music begins, each person must walk around the circle. When the music stops, everyone must sit in a chair. The person left without a seat will be out of the game and will be asked a review question.

3. Start the music and have the kids walk around the chairs. Stop the music. Once one person is out of the game, you will need to take a chair out and start the music again (repeat step 3). The last person remaining wins the game.

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