Name of Group Game: Purses, Pockets, and Wallets

Medium Group (10 – 19 people) to
Large Group (20 + people)

Age: Elementary – Middle School

Time15 – 20 minutes

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Summary: Quickly search your purses, pockets, and wallets for the called item. Great team game.

Goal: Be the first to bring up the items called and get the most points.

– Download and print the list

How to Play Purses, Pockets, and Wallets Game:
1. Break everyone into groups of five.

2. Explain the game. You will call out a common object. The first team to bring you the called object wins a point for their team. Each team can only bring up items that they have in their purses, pockets, wallets, and whatever is on them. The first team that earns 10 points wins the game.

– Instead of having a list of items to call out, you can ask each team to find an item for every letter of the alphabet (for example-Hairbrush for H, Quarter for Q, etc.)- One item per letter. The team to bring up as many items as they can that fits within the alphabet within 10 minutes, wins the game.

– Instead of having one point per item, you can assign different point values based on the difficulty of the item. For example, the shoelace item can be worth 3 points while the quarter can be worth 1 point. The team to reach 20 (or so) points wins the game.

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