Name of Group Game: Pumpkin Carving Contest


Small Group (more than 6 people) to

Large Group (20 + people)

Age: High School – Adults

Time: 30 – 45 minutes

Download FREE Judges’ Scoresheet:

Summary: Use your design skills and create the best looking pumpkin!

Goal: Carve and present the best looking and most creative pumpkin.

– You’ll need to bake and bring 5 to 6 large pumpkins for the challenge
– Tables for people to carve pumpkins
– Carving utensils: Carving knives
– Design utensils: Pencils/pens, paper and pushpins
– Cleaning utensils: Ladles or metal spoons, newspapers, bowls, and trashbags
– Decide on a “secret theme”: Superheros, Ghosts, Sports, Villans, Cartoons
– Download and print the judges’ scoresheet
– Volunteer judges

How to Play the Pumpkin Carving Contest Game:
1. Separate everyone into teams of five. Explain the game: Each team gets one pumpkin. They need to cut out a circle on top of the pumpkin with the stem in the center, pull out the seeds and “goo”, and carve a pumpkin based on the secret theme. Whoever has the best looking pumpkin and presentation wins the game. Reveal the “secret theme”. Teams cannot use premade designs, but can draw on the provided paper and place the paper on the pumpkins using the pushpins.

2. After cleaning and carving their pumpkins, everyone must briefly present their pumpkin to the judges.

3. Judges base their score on creativity, how close the pumpkin is related to the theme, teamwork, and presentation. The team with the most points wins the game.

Optional: You can light candles and and place them in the center of the pumpkins for a cool jack ‘o lantern effect. Also, you can use the teams’ seeds and roast them in the oven with oil, salt and pepper.

*Size of group can vary, but five people in a team is optimal

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