– Cake Decorating Challenge – Use your decorating skills in this fun activity! Good game for bridal showers and large groups.

– Food Challenge Cook-Off – Great bonding activity for adults. Create a 2-course meal with the secret ingredient.

– Mall Disguise Scavenger Hunt – Find the people in your group dressed up in disguises! Fun game for large groups who know each other.

– Mall Scavenger Hunt – Fun game to play with a medium to large group. Photo scavenger hunt at a mall!

– Photo Scavenger Hunt – Travel to different places to find the items on the list and take photos.

– Scavenger Hunt – Good game to play in a dorm. Travel to different places and collect as many items on the list as you can.

– Sticker Collection – Children love to search and collect items. Try the Sticker Collection as a side game for elementary school or Halloween carnivals!

– Video Scavenger Hunt – Travel to different places and record as many actions as you can from the list.

– What Can You Buy – Buy the best items you can get within a budget of only $5!

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