Name of Group Game:  Noah’s Ark


Small Group (3 – 9 people) to

Medium Group (10 – 19 people)

Age: Elementary School (2nd grade – 5th grade)

Time15 – 20 minutes

Summary: Teach children about the lesson of Noah’s Ark through pictures and origami boats.

Goal: To have the children remember the lesson of God’s faithfulness.

– One pre-made origami paper boat
– Blank pieces of standard printer paper
– Pens and markers
– Straws (a straw per person)
– Large plastic tub filled with water

How to Play the Noah’s Ark Game:
1. Hand everyone a piece of paper and markers. Ask for five volunteers. Have one person to draw Noah, another person to draw two birds, one person to draw two animals, another person to draw Noah’s three sons and their wives, and one person to draw a rainbow. If you would like to keep everyone occupied, you can have everyone else draw a pairs of animals.

2. Begin the lesson by telling the story of Noah’s Ark (find the story here). As you’re reading the story, ask the volunteers to act the story out with their drawings and your pre-made origami boat.

3. After reading the story, teach everyone how to fold an origami boat (instructions can be found here). Have each person name and decorate their boats.

4. Have two volunteers to race their boats. Place both boats on one side of the tub. When you say “go”, have them use the straw to blow their boats to the other side of the tub. Have the winners answer a review question about the lesson.

1. Who is Noah?
2. How many sons did Noah have?
3. What did God tell Noah?
4. How many people were in the ark?
5. Who closed the door?
6. How long did it rain for?
7. What did God send as a promise to never destroy the earth with water again?

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