Name of Group Game: Memory Game

Medium Group (10 – 19 people) to
Large Group (20 + people)
Age: Elementary – High School

Time: 20 minutes

Download FREE PowerPoint and List:

Summary: Memorize as many items as you can from the Powerpoint slide.

Goal: Remember as many items on the Powerpoint as you can.

– Download Powerpoint
– Download and print the list of items
– Laptop
– Projector and Screen
– Cable to connect laptop to projector
– Timer/Watch
– Paper and pen for each team

How to Play the Memory Game:
1. Separate everyone into teams of 3. Give each team a piece of paper and pen. The object of the game is to remember as many items from the Powerpoint as possible as a group, within 3 minutes. For this first round, there is no talking. Show the second slide.

2. After 3 minutes, click Enter to go to the blank slide.

3. Have each team collaborate on what items they remember and have them list them down a piece of paper. Give them a couple of minutes to do this.

4. Afterwards, ask everyone to stop writing. Each correct item that they write on the paper is worth 2 points. Name the items from the list aloud.

5. After naming the items, ask all the teams how many points they received. Next, the teams will complete the game again with the next slide, with exception that all the teams are allowed to talk and collaborate. Go onto the fourth slide and give the teams about 3 minutes to talk and try to remember all the items.

6. Afterwards, go to the blank slide and have all the teams write down what they remember. After 5 minutes, name the items in the List #2. Each correct item will be 1 point. Whoever has the most points wins the game.


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