Name of Group Game: King Pin
Indoor (gym)

Medium Group (10 – 19 people) to
Large Group (20 + people)
Age: Elementary School – Middle School

Time: 30 – 45 minutes

Summary: Knock down your enemy’s pins- Fun game to play in a gym.

Goal: Knock down your opponent’s bowling pins.

– 15 large orange sponge playground balls. Line all of the orange sponge playground balls in the center line of the gym.
– 6 Large Bowling Pins, or 6 empty 2-liter plastic soda bottles (three for each side). These bowling pins are placed in line at the end of the court (two side pins and a middle pin).

How to Play the King Pin Game:
1. Arrange everyone into two teams. Line the opposing teams on both sides of the gym. The teams cannot cross the middle line to the opponent’s side.

2. Ground rules: If a person goes out of bounds or crosses the middle court line, that person is automatically out. If a person is hit by a ball, the person is “out” and needs to form a line off the court. If a person catches a ball, then the first person in the “out” line gets to go back into the game. If a person tries to catch a ball and fails, that person is “out”. If someone is hit on the head, the thrower is automatically “out”. A person can block by holding a ball and deflecting oncoming balls.

3. The purpose of the game is to knock down the opponent’s bowling pins. There can only be one guard for each bowling pin, who can stand within 2 feet of the bowling pin. When you say “go”, each of the teams run to the middle to retrieve a ball.

4. Once a person has a ball, he or she can throw the ball at an opponent on the other side of the line or try knocking down a pin. If someone is hit or touched by a ball, that person is “out”. The people who are “out” need to get off the court and form a line.

5. The team that knocks down all three of the opponent’s bowling pins wins the game.


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