Name of Group Game: Huckleberry


Small Group (3 – 9 people)

Medium Group (10 – 19 people)

Age: Elementary School

Time10 – 15 minutes

Summary: Find the hidden item as fast as possible!

Goal: Don’t be the last person to find the hidden object.

– Bring a medium-sized item that you can hide easily (water bottle, apple, small ball)

How to Play the Huckleberry Game:
1. Select one person from the group. Everyone else must leave the room.

2. The selected person must hide the item somewhere in the room. The item must be partially visible at all times.

3. Call everyone else back into the room. Each person must try to find the item without moving anything in the room. If a person sees the item, the person needs to walk around for 3 seconds, say the word “Huckleberry” aloud, and go to a predetermined section of the room.

4. The last person to find the object loses the round and needs to do 5 jumping jacks. Select another person to hide the item for the next round.

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