Name of Group Game: Egyptian War

Small Group (4 – 6 people)

Age: Middle School – Adults

Time10 minutes a game

Summary: Classic easy to play card game- similar to slap jack, but with a twist!

Goal: Collect all the cards in your hand.

– Deck of cards

How to Play Egyptian War:
1. Shuffle and deal the cards out to all players. The players must keep their cards face down, in hand. Egyptian War is played clockwise from the dealer.

2. The player left of the dealer (we’ll call the person Player A) goes first by flipping his/her card face up in the middle of the table.

There are two basic scenarios:
– If the card reveals a number from 2 – 10, nothing happens. The next person to the left (Player B) flips his/her card, and the game continues on.
– If Player A flips a royal card (Jack, Queen, King, or Ace), then Player B has a certain number of chances to flip over a royal card:

Royal Cards
Jack- One Chance to flip a royal card
Queen- Two Chances to flip a royal card
King- Three Chances to flip a royal card
Ace- Four Chances to flip a royal card

Example: If Player A reveals a King, then Player B has to flip three cards to try to reveal a royal card. If Player B flips a royal card within his/her chances, then the next player has a certain number of chances to flip a royal card.

If a player does not flip over a royal card within his/her chances, then the previous player who had the royal card collects the middle card pile. The game resumes again with the collector flipping his/her card.

3. If a player flips a royal card, the same thing occurs from Step 2 with the next players. The game is played clockwise, until one person has all of the cards and is the ultimate winner.

– Many people play with “sandwiches”. In this case, if the cards 4, 7, 4 are flipped, the first person to slap the middle cards wins the pile. (Other examples include King Queen King, 3 8 3, etc.)

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