Name of Group Game: Egg Drop

Medium Group (10 – 19 people)

Age: High School – Adult

Time15 – 20 minutes

Summary: Brainstorm, plan, and protect your eggs from being smashed.

Goal: Protect the egg from being cracked or broken.

– A carton of eggs
– 1 bag of cotton
– 1 newspaper
– String
– Tape
– 1 roll of toilet paper
– Plastic trash bags

Split all materials evenly, to be distributed to each team.

How to Play the Egg Drop Game:
1. Arrange everyone into groups of about 4. Give each team a couple of minutes to plan how to best protect their egg (they cannot touch any materials or eggs).

2. Evenly distribute the materials to all the groups before the game. Give each team about five minutes to their protect their eggs using the provided materials.

3. Afterwards, give the tallest person in the room all of the eggs. Lay out the plastic trash bags on the floor. The tallest person will lift each team’s egg as high as he/she can over the trash bags, and let go of the egg. The team(s) whose egg doesn’t crack or break wins the game.

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