Name of Group Game: Duck Duck Goose



Small Group (usually 5 or more people) to
Large Group (20 + people)
Age: Elementary School (Kindergarten and 1st grade)

Time15 – 20 minutes

Summary: Great classic circle game for kindergarten and first graders.

Goal: Don’t end up in the middle of the circle.

How to Play Duck Duck Goose:
1. Have all the kids sit in a circle, facing inwards. Select one volunteer to be “it”.

2. The person who is “it” starts the game by walking on the outer circle and tapping each person’s head. The person names each person as “Duck”, “Duck”, “Duck” until he or she selects one person and names him or her as a “Goose”.

3. Once named a Goose, the “Goose” must get up to chase the first person around the outer circle and try to tag him/her. If the “Goose” tags the person who is “it”, the “it” person sits in the middle of the circle. If the “it” person sits down in the “Goose”‘s spot before he or she gets tagged, the “Goose” is now “it” and starts a new game by walking on the outer circle.

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