Name of Group Game: Dodge Ball

Medium Group (10 – 19 people) to
Large Group (20 + people)
Age: Elementary – Middle School

Time30 – 45 minutes

Summary: A row of squishy orange playground balls and a gym- It’s the classic dodge ball game. Recommended for third graders and above.

Goal: Force everyone on the opposite team out of the game and be the surviving team.

– At least 15 large orange sponge playground balls. Line all of the orange sponge playground balls in the center line of the gym.

How to Play Dodge Ball:
1. Arrange everyone into two teams. Line the opposing teams on both sides of the gym. The teams cannot cross the middle line to the opponent’s side.

2. Explain the ground rules: If a person goes beyond basketball court boundaries, crosses the middle court line, or is hit by a ball, the person is “out” and needs to form a line off the court for his or her team. If a person catching a ball, the first person in the team’s “out” line gets to go back into the game.

If a person tries to catch a ball and fails, that person joins the “out” line. If someone throws a ball at someone’s head, the thrower is automatically “out”. A person can block by holding a ball and deflecting oncoming balls. The surviving team that eliminates everyone from the other team wins the game.

3. As soon as you say “go”, each team runs to the middle to retrieve a ball. At the end, the surviving team wins the game.

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