Name of Group Game: Christmas Present Game

Small Group (3 – 9 people) to
Medium Game (10 – 19 people)

Age: Elementary School to Adults

Time: 10 – 15 minutes

Summary: Be the first to unwrap the Christmas present, and keep the surprise gift!

Goal: Unwrap the Christmas present.

– 3 small boxes and a Christmas gift inside (Suggestions: Gift Card, stuffed animal, DVD or CD, small toy). Place a Christmas gift inside the box, and wrap each small box with 10 layers of newspaper, wrapping paper, magazines, paper grocery bags and tape. If you would like to make the game more or less difficult, you can vary the number of layers, amount of tape used, and type of paper.
– 2 oven mitts

How to Play The Christmas Present Game:
1. Arrange everyone to sit in a circle. Ask for a volunteer to start the game. Hand the volunteer the two oven mitts and have the person wear the mitts.

2. Explain the goal of the game: The person with the oven mitts will have 5 seconds to open the present. After 5 seconds, the person will hand over the mitts to the person to their right. The next person will also have 5 seconds to open the present, and so forth until the present is completely unwrapped. The person who unwraps the present wins the present inside the box.

3. Repeat the game using the other Christmas presents.

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