Name of Group Game: Chocolate Diaper

Small Group (3 – 9 people) to
Large Group (20 + people)

Age: Adults

Time10 – 15 minutes

Summary: Try to guess which candy bar is in each diaper!

Goal: To have the most correct guesses for your team.

– A variety of different chocolate bars, melted separately in bowls (Learn how to melt chocolate bars here, fourth bullet down)
– List of chocolate bar types used in the game for everyone to see
– Diapers, with the inside portion lined with plastic wrap. Have a label next to each diaper, marked “1”, “2”, “3” and so forth.
– Toothpicks, to be placed next to the diapers
– Answer key of which candy bar is in each diaper

How to Play the Chocolate Diaper Game:
1. Arrange all the diapers on a table. Pour a bit of one type of melted candy bar into each diaper.

2. Split everyone into teams of three or four. Hand everyone a pen and paper and display the list of chocolate bar types.

3. Each team tries to identify the type of candy bar in each diaper by looking, smelling the diaper and tasting (optionally). They have five minutes to write down their guesses.

4. Afterwards, ask each team for their guesses and reveal the correct answers. Each correct answer is worth one point. The team with the most points wins the game.

Suggested Candy Bars: 
1. Baby Ruth®
2. Mars®
3. Snickers®
4. Hershey’s®
5. Kit Kat®
6. 100 Grand®
7. M&M’s®
8. Reese’s®
9. York®
10. Crunch®
11. Butterfinger®
12. Twix®
13. Symphony®
14. 3 Musketeers®
15. Almond Joy®
16. Heath®
17. Milky Way®
18. Mr. Goodbar®
19. Rolo®
20. Caramello®

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