Name of Group Game: Car Type

Other (Car game)
Small Group (3 – 9 people)

Age: 2nd – 5th grade

Time: 15 minutes

Summary: Find as many cars of a certain brand as possible.

Goal: Find as many cars of a certain brand and be the first to earn 15 points.

How to Play the Car Type Game:
1. Explain the game: The goal is to find moving cars of a certain brand (for example: Toyotas and Fords). If a person sees a “brand” car, the person must hit the top of the car with their hand. Each car is worth one point.

2. The first person who reaches 15 points wins the game.

– This game can be played quickly in the car to pass time.

– You can allocate more points to certain cars, like Prius or Beetles.

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